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Who I Am and What I Do?

Polite and respectful gay male masseur offering massages to men regardless of their sexuality. I offer a professional service with private parking at my home in a North Lincolnshire village. I have  a designated massage room and shower facilities which are clean, quiet and relaxing.  You will receive a friendly welcome from the moment you arrive to help you feel relaxed.  

My massages are tailored to the needs of each person, which can be a firm, moderate or light touch, in a room with subtle lighting and relaxing music tailored to your choice.   At the start of your appointment we will spend a short time talking about your specific requirements, massages are co-produced, so I need to know what you like.  During and after your massage you will experience a feeling of total relaxation.

When considering the type of massage to get  and how to make the most of It, men are not always used to nurturing themselves and taking care of themselves as women are. This is not so much an apprehension as a culturally inbred value that many men subconsciously accept.

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I want to give you the best possible experience, its important you give me feedback during your massage.

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Full Body Exfoliation

Perfect start to your Treatment

Full Body Exfoliation
I would recommend that you experience a full body exfoliation or better known as a body scrub before your massage. Body scrubs remove all of the trapped in dirt from your skin.  Dead skin cells lay on our skin working their way into our pores making our skin look dull. The experience starts with warm organic grape seed oil being gently rubbed onto the body followed by the organic dead sea salts being rubbed in circular motions into the skin.   Grape Seed oil has antioxidant properties, unlike other oils, which can be heavy or greasy, it is light, easily absorbed, and creates a protective layer to lock in moisture. The scrub provides immediate results leaving your skin feeling soft, fresh and energised.   The body scrub is followed by your choice of massage.


30 minute session - £40.00 

The body exfoliation treatment is only available in conjunction with a massage.

Swedish Massage

A massage providing calm balanced wellbeing 

Swedish Massage 

Swedish full body massage, encouraging well-being

A Swedish massage is a series of strokes to help improve circulation and joint mobility supporting general relaxation. The techniques reduce swelling from injury and support recovery from stress. 

Oils applied to the body.

60-minute session – £60:00

Hot Stone Massage

Relation and easing of tense muscles

An holistic Hot Stone massage has the benefits of a Swedish massage.    The heated basalt, volcanic rock stones are massaged into your body using Swedish massage techniques,  the hot stones are  then placed  on your spine, chest, legs and feet.

This massage has many benefits including relieving  muscle tension, pain and reducing stress and anxiety.  This is a relaxing and calming treatment.

60-minute session – £65:.00

Full body signature sensual  massage

Therapeutic massage that is focussed on the well being of your body and mind.  

 The massage is pleasing to the senses and utilises a mixture of techniques including, Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi (Lomi Lomi being long stokes).  The massage is stimulating and energising and will allow you to feel open and alive.  This massage removes the emotions of daily pressures and stresses enabling you to release your tensions.  Within the massage I will encourage you to practice mindful breathing as this will help declutter your mind.  My observations support the different options but ultimately allows you the opportunity to find yourself within the moment. Wherever your journey takes you it’s important to be present.

You agree when booking this massage that this message covers the inner thigh area and waist line.  Consent is very important, any requests for the masseur not to touch specific areas should be clearly communicated at the start of the appointment.


60-minute session – £70.00


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

Home: FAQ


Monday to Friday from 6pm to 10 pm. Saturday and Sunday 11 am until 10 pm.  Clients are required to submit the Contact Form, this is located at the bottom of my website before any bookings can be considered or agreed.  The contact form is the first part of your consultation process.  Appointments can only be made via text or email and require pre booking.  Appointments will be confirmed by a text message. Please arrive five minutes before your scheduled massage.

Is everyone suitable for a massage

I am pleased to offer massage experiences to all men regardless of age, race or sexual preference.  My massages are for married men, single men, gay, bi, straight, curious men.


Not many of us have the body we desire however, I do require clients to be honest  when asked to confirm  if  they are height / weight / body mass index (BMI) proportionate.   Whilst I recognise that having a massage is an important part of a persons well-being I also recognise and respect that we all make lifestyle choices.  I am unable to massage anyone weighing more than 100kg - 16 stone  this is due to the weight limit on my massage table, or if you are unwell or have any skin or serious health problems.


Due to the associated risks I will cancel appointments regardless of your travelling time if individuals appear to exceed the stated weight limit or have provided false information in relation to a proportionate BMI. 

Confirmation of your Appointment

Following your booking you will receive a text message confirming the date of your booking, time, my location and confirmation of the massage you have booked.

Getting the most from your Appointment

 Try and avoid food an hour before your massage.

   - Prepare for your massage, allow time to travel and arrive without stress.

   - Share details of your aches / pains and particular areas you would like me to concentrate on.

Will I be naked during the massage?

To appreciate and get the most from your massage experience you may choose to undress completely, if you prefer you can keep your underwear on.  Your dignity will be protected throughout the massage as you will have a towel draped over the part of the body not being worked on.

I am a professional massage therapist who will through techniques relax your body and mind. You should not have any expectations that you are able to touch me during your massage.  Should you try to touch me you will be reminded of my boundaries. 


Shower facilities & one clean towel is available in order that you can have a quick shower.   Massages involve hand to flesh contact so good hygiene is very important before a massage and, saves being asked to shower.   If you have not showered an hour before your appointment, I ask you shower upon your arrival. Time to shower before your appointment may be deducted from your massage time.  Cleanliness is very important so that you receive the best massage experience, simply the cleaner you are  the better the massage and your experience.

Infection Control, controlling the risk.  

Hygiene and infection control measures are in place. Treatments will be in line with government guidance. Cleaning, disinfection and change of towels occurs after every client visit.

High quality Organic Oils

I use only high-quality Organic Oils and Organic Essential Oils.  The oils used provide the perfect ease for massaging and nourishing the skin. Please let me know when booking if you have a preferred Oil.


 My rates are reasonable and allow me to cover the cost of the oils and laundry.

All clients are required to pay a £20 deposit which is  non refundable  before an appointment,  I will send you a secure checkout payment link by email or text/WhatsApp,   The payment will NOT show as malemassage4men on your statement. 


Located a comfortable private home in a North Lincolnshire village with easy access from the A180. Close to Humberside Airport, approximately 20 minuets drive from Hull, Cleethorpes or Scunthorpe.


Professional Insurance

I am a qualified registered and insured male masseur providing a reputable massage service only.

Right to Decline 

I have the right to decline the offer of my service to men who do not respect the hygiene requirements, do not attend or cancel appointments or who are abusive.  In exception circumstances I may feel the need to decline a massage request as I do not believe that I am the best masseur for you.

Do you have a question I haven’t answered? please contact me.

Contact Me

07561 704767

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

All new clients are requested to complete the enquiry form below

I value your privacy your details remain confidential and will never be shared with anyone.

Do you have any of the following health conditions

Thanks for submitting!

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